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Refrigeration Supply Company was a well known wholesale distributor of refrigeration equipment all across the South East. The product lines consisted of major manufacturer brand names such as: Copeland- Compressors and Condensing units, Larkin Coils, Sporlan Valves, Johnson Controls and many others. The company also handled a line of HVAC supplies and equipment with names such as: Heil A/C and Heating and Climate Master geothermal heat pumps. RESCO was established in 1955 and headquartered in Mobile Alabama, with branch operations in Mobile Alabama, Pensacola Florida, Gulfport and Hattiesburg Mississippi.
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Model Type Ref/Temp Capacity Voltage Contractor Price Sale Price
2DB30500TFC Compressor   5hp 208-230v/3ph 2821.00 2115.75
3DF30900TFC Compressor 12-M/502-L 9hp 208-230v/3ph 3651.00 2738.25
4DA31000TSK Compressor 502-L 10hp 208-230v/3ph 5016.00 3762.00
4DH11500TSK Compressor 12-M/12-H 15hp 208-230-460v/3ph 5483.00 4112.25
4DJ33000TSK Compressor 22-H 30hp 208-230-460v/3ph 6626.00 4969.50
4DT32200TSK Compressor 502-L 22hp 208-230-460v/3ph 6650.00 4987.50
4DT3220ETSK Compressor 502-L 22hp 208-230-460v/3ph 5341.00 4005.75
4RA32000TSK Compressor 22-M/502-M 20hp 208-230-460v/3ph 4326.00 3244.50
4RE22000TSK Compressor 22-H 20hp 208-230-460v/3ph 4291.00 3218.25
4RE2200ATSK Compressor 22-H 20hp 208-230-460v/3ph 3248.00 2436.00
4RH11500TSK Compressor 12-M 15hp 208-230-460v/3ph 4641.00 3480.75
9RB10760TFD Compressor 12-M/502-L 7-1/2hp 460v/3ph 2573.00 1929.75
9RC1101ATFC Compressor 22-M/502-M 10hp 208-230v/3ph 3444.00 2583.00
9RJ1076ATFC Compressor 22-M/502-L 7-1/2hp 208-230v/3ph 3346.00 2509.50
9RS11500THC Compressor 22-M/502-M 15hp 208-230v/3ph 3773.00 2829.75
9RS11505THC Compressor 22-M/502-M 15hp 208-230v/3ph 3773.00 2829.75
KAAB007ACAV Compressor 12-L 3/4hp 208-230v/1ph 728.00 546.00
KAAB007ECAA Compressor 12-L 3/4hp 115v/1ph 865.00 648.75
KAE20050IAA Compressor 12-M 1/2hp 115v/1ph 742.00 556.50
KAEB005AIAA Compressor 12-M 1/2hp 115v/1ph 870.00 652.50
KAG2005AIAA Compressor 12-L 1/2hp 115v/1ph 706.00 529.50
KAGB005AIAA Compressor 12-L 1/2hp 115v/1ph 749.00 561.75
KAJ30100CAA Compressor 12-M/502-L 1hp 115v/1ph 1045.00 783.75
KAJA010ATAC Compressor 12-M/502-L 1hp 208-230v/1ph 763.00 572.25
KAJB007ACAV Compressor 12-L 3/4hp 208-230v/1ph 865.00 648.75
KAK10100TAC Compressor 12-M 1hp 208-230v/3ph 959.00 719.25
KAK20100CAV Compressor 12-M 1hp 208-230v/1ph 1047.00 785.25
KAKB011ACAV Compressor 12-M 1hp 208-230v/1ph 739.00 554.25
KAKB011ECAV Compressor 12-M 1hp 208-230v/1ph 739.00 554.25
KALA016ETAC Compressor   1-1/2hp 208-230v/3ph 1183.00 887.25
KALB010ACAV Compressor 12-L 1hp 208-230v/1ph 959.00 719.25
KAMB007ACAV Compressor 12-M/502-L 3/4hp 208-230v/1ph 902.00 676.50
LACB031ACAB Compressor 12-M/502-L 3hp 230v/1ph 2230.00 1672.50
LAHA032ETAC Compressor 12-M/502-L 3hp 208-230v/3ph 2179.00 1634.25
LALA031ATAC Compressor 12-M 3hp 208-230v/3ph 2198.00 1648.50
MRF2050ATFC Compressor 12-M 5hp 208-230v/3ph 2347.00 1760.25
MRH40760TFD Compressor 22-M/502-M 7-1/2hp 460v/3ph 2947.00 2210.25
NRB20400TFC Compressor 22-M 4hp 208-230v/3ph 2459.00 1844.25
NRB20400TFD Compressor 22-M 4hp 460v/3ph 2487.00 1865.25
NRD10400CFB Compressor 12-M/502-L 4hp 230v/1ph 2496.00 1872.00
NRD10406CFB Compressor 12-M/502-L 4hp 230v/1ph 2522.00 1891.50


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RESCO has been a refrigeration wholesale distributor for over 45 years with an excellent record in the industry for customer satisfaction. For help with your purchase you can rely on a knowledgeble staff.


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