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Larkin's New Compak Unit Cooler Delivers These Quality Standard Features for your Walk in Freezers and Walk in Refrigerators

  • Large wire and molded fan guards for better air movement.
  • Internally enhanced tubing.
  • Schrader valve on suction header.
  • Smaller Physical size. Some sizes up to 10 inches shorter in width than previous Compak models.
  • Fewer fasteners.
  • More accessible:
    • Electrical and piping on opposite ends.
    • Access provided through large access panels.
    • Defrost heaters on entering air face of the coil.
    • Hot gas loop on bottom of refrigeration coils, not in drain pan for easier access.
    • Drain pan heater on bottom of refrigeration coils, not in drain pan.
  • New Warranty.
    • 3 years protection against tube sheet leaks.
    • Aluminum tube sheets.
  • New drain fitting. Drain fitting allows removal of drain pan without removal of hard pipeing.
  • Solenoid harness.
  • Fixed defrost termination/fan delay.
  • Reduced heater wattage.
  • Isolated panels for quiet unit operation.
  • Smooth white prepainted aluminum cabinet for long lasting, clean apperance.
  • New Capacities:
    • 5,700, 7,000 abd 35,000 BTUH models added.
    • Better capacity match with Larkin condensing units.

LCOND2.jpg - 9867 Bytes Larkin's New 1/2 TO 6 HP Indoor & Outdoor Condensing Units

  • Oversized condenser allows units to operate in 120 degree F. ambient for 35 degree F. boxes and below
  • Piping is laid out to minimize stress and vibration.
  • Complete line of compressors including Copeland's Glacier refrigeration Scrolls, Copelametics and Copelawelds.

Larkin Refrigeration Coils and Condensers for Walk in Refrigerators and Walk in Freezers.

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